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Imagine meeting with a psychiatrist who goes beyond standard checklists and takes the time to get to know you ~ the person.

I take a balanced approach to go beyond symptom relief to find ways to revitalize your life such that you can thrive and succeed in all of your endeavors. My experience of working on national and international task forces studying mental health assessment, diagnosis and treatment is utilized to give you the best treatment possible. My innovative vision of mental health views the relief of symptoms as not being the end point, but simply a starting point from which we find ways to help you achieve your goals and lifestyle. I believe if you are free from symptoms, but not happy with your life, my work is unfinished. My judicious use of medications, if indicated, has been tested and proven to deliver results, so that you will have peace of mind that I am providing you the most effective and efficient therapy available. I believe in your right to know the evidence behind the therapeutics implemented so you have the confidence in the services you are being afforded. I bring my casual demeanor and passionate approach to all disorders, but I have additional expertise in treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder (with/without Hyperactivity), Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Anxiety Disorders in children, adolescents and adults. Furthermore, I have given professional presentations at national and international conferences, and I am available to deliver presentations to your organization on a wide range of mental health topics.




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